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Áron Gauder’ new feature animation is under production

Animation feature of the Annecy Crystal Award Winner director, Áron Gauder is being made in our studio

The film - previously entitledAs Long As the Grass Grows - is approaching completion and expected in the cinemas in early 2023.

The hand-drawn long animated film based on Native American folk tales, which gives an explanation about the creation of the world. It is set in an ever-evolving mythical world inhabited by animals, where the first humans seek their place. The present and the past are intertwined in the film: indigenous people are defending their home and fighting against the laying of oil pipelines in the contemporary scenes. By presenting the magical world of Native American folklore, the film provides keys to understanding the present.

According to the director, the film’s biggest commitment is to offer a way out that will take us back to the wonders of life, it is not just a creation story never heard before, but it gives hold on to the issues that concern us all about sustainability and shared responsibility through the fantastic knowledge and wisdom of the Native Americans. Our land is paradise itself, which we are slowly destroying, and if we understand that, we can still save it together.

The script was written by Áron Gauder and Géza Bereményi, and the animation director is Zsolt Baumgartner. The film is produced by Cinemon Entertainment, the producer is Réka Temple. The film was supported by the National Film Institute - Hungary.


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