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Who we are

Cinemon is a multi award winning animation studio that uses big company know-how with a personal touch for more than 25 years. We have established a reputation as a quality provider for kid’s animation movies, television series, commercials, applications and book editing.


Cinemon has been legally created in 1994 as an animation service company connected to a Munich based AG and has been involved in the production of more than 25.000 minutes of animated projects, including 8 feature films and hundreds of TV series' episodes  in coproduction with the biggest players in Canada, the USA, Germany, France, Sweden. Cinemon's Executives' filmography include feature films and series like Babar, King of the Elephants, Pettson and Findus, Queen of the Sun, Felix, the Wumblers and many other titles from Europe and North America.

The operation grew rapidly but Cinemon has always honoured quality rather than quantity even though the past years also witnessed a great amount of output. In the early years of 2000 Cinemon became totally independent and has contributed to many international coproductions as a partner capable of providing animation services at the highest standards as well as financial support, including succesful grants from the Hungarian Film and Television Funds, Creative Media and Eurimages. 

Albert Hanan Kaminski

Film Director

Born in Brussels (Belgium) and at the age of 20 he moved to Israel. He graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and from the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam.

For more than 40 years, he is working in the field of animation as an author, scriptwriter and director of several Animated Feature Films for childrens like “The Real Shlemiel”, “Pettson & Findus”, The Legend of King Solomon and others.

In 2015 he was honored by the “Pulcinella Career Award” at the Cartoons on the Bay - International Television and Cross-media Animation Festival, in Venice.

He is an Associate Professor at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), where he is

heading the Master Program in Integrate Design, and at the Film and TV department

of the Tel-Aviv University.

Réka Temple

Executive Producer

Réka has over 25 years of experience in the film and television industry and has contributed to over 300 half-hour episodes, 10 feature films and numerous specials, shorts and commercials, earned all together over 100 awards and nominations wordwide. Prior to joining Cinemon Entertainment she worked at Loonland Media AG (Germany), Réka played a key role managing overseas cooperations, helping to produce satellite studios’ projects in New York, Los Angeles, London, Munich and Seoul.

She has been the Secretary General of the Hungarian Producer’s Association (2005-2009), headed the Animation Department at the Instutute of Theatre and Film (2010-2014). Currently she is the President of the Hungarian Animation Producers’ Association and represents the country as the Ambassador at the European Animation Awards.

Aron Gauder

Film Director

He graduated from Moholy Nagy University, Budapest and the Universitat der Kunste, Berlin.

Aron is a director and scriptwriter, has won numerous awards including the Crystal Award of Annecy International Animated Film Festival with his feature length animated film, “The District!”.

He has been one of the founders of KGB studio producing 3D animated projects and digital post-production for live-action movies. He also directs documentaries.

Aron is an Associate Professor at Metropolitan University.

Diána Berényi

PR & Marketing Manager

PR, marketing- and media-professional with focus on film content consumption and film festival promotion. 

She has worked in the field of media regulation and government film support area as communication manager for 20 years. 

Expertise in digital and offline communication planning, digital strategy, content development and branding. 10 years’ competence as film marketing professional, including event management, media and movie campaigns, developing promotional artwork materials, film festival branding and film professional program organization.

Zsolt Pálfi

Film Director

He started his animation career at the Pannonia Film Studio in 1991. He was one of the creators of Loonland Studio, he was involved in the production of several TV series and feature films between 1995 and 2002. He made his first animated short film (Kicsianna) in 2004 and Signs (Jelek)  in 2007.  He has been working as a storyboard artist and director ever since at Cinemon Entertainment, including animation direction for the Legends of King Solomon, Tales from the Lakeside, Willy and the guardians of the Lakes, streaming now on Netflix. He is a member of the Hungarian Film Academy.

Alexandra Németh

Production Manager

She joined the Cinemon team as a production assistant in 2017. Over the years she has gained a wealth of experience in the production processes of animated films, and today she is the production manager of  As Long as the Grass Grows animated feature film directed by Aron Gauder. “I enjoy taking part of the creation of high artistic level animated projects which bring joy to both children and adults, that’s the most precious part of my job”

Zsolt Baumgartner

Animation Supervisor, Film Director

Zsolt has started his animation career in 1999, specialized in 2D traditional animation. He has been working as ink&painter, inbetweener, clean up artist and animator. He has been a freelance Lead Animator in several award winning feature films, series and commercials.

He is the founder of Draw, a group of creative and passionate animation professionals, cooperates closely with Cinemon Entertainment since 2005 as a layout and storyboard artist, and recently as the Animation Director of As Long as the Grass Grows.

He is an Associate Professor at Moholy-Nagy University of Arts.

Edit Hernádi

Lead Animator

Edit has started her animation career in 1968. She has always been a pioneer in the field of animation. She works with Cinemon Entertainment since 2002 as a storyboard artist, Animation Supervisor, Lead Animator and contributed to the success of countless feature films and television series during her long animation career. She is an animation  professor and a mentor to many students and junior animators within the studio.

Attila Bárdos

Animation Supervisor

He graduated at the Animation Faculty of the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts in Budapest in 2012. He has participated in the creation process of many local and international productions, initially as a 2D animator, then as an animation designer, digital 2D rigger, and as animation supervisor. His favorite topics are films based on fairy tale and series for kids. He’s always inspired by creative solutions while bringing characters and sceneries to life.

Zsuzsa Tóth

Technical Supervisor

She started to work in the animation film industry in 2013. Since then, she has been involved in the development and production of 4 feature films and 4 television series. “I’m interested in various phases of the production process, like to experiment different techniques and try new things”

Krisztián Antók-Matus

Lead Compositor

He started working as a clean-up artist at Loonland Animation studio in 1997, since than he has gained experience in almost all phases of animation creation; animation, background painting, specialised in compositing at Cinemon Entertainment.

In the meantime he has graduated at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2009.

He has been the Lead Compositor in numerous award winning series and feature films.

István Roth

Background Supervisor

With a degree in industrial design, István Roth fell in love with the world of cartoons in 1996. He gained 25 years of experience in commercials, series and movies. He worked as a clean-up artist, animator, layout-posing designer, character and props designer. He specializes in background design and painting. He has held many positions over the years as technical manager, light and shadow supervisor, background setup supervisor, art director, visual designer. He has been collaborating in several award winning films internationally.

Johanna Albert

Operations Manager


Johanna started her career at Cinemon Studio in 2012 as the personal assistant of the Executive Producer. During the years she became production assistant, production manager then line producer of many of the studio’s award winning projects.

Taking three gap years Johanna travelled around the world and with fresh and broadened perspectives she rejoined the animation studio in 2021. Her various work and cultural experience makes her a multifunctional member of the studio.

Csaba Máli

Film Director

After finishing his studies at the Secondary School of Visual Arts in Hungary, he completed the animation course of Attila Dargay in 1989. He started his career as an animator at Pannonia Studio, and throughout the years he had the chance to get experience in all the work phases of animation, from cleanup to directing.

He is keen on traditional 2D animation, but he also finds joy in making 3D as well.

Character design, concept art, storyboard, animation, book design – you name it, he makes it!

Currently Csaba works as one of the directors of a feature-length animated movie in production at Cinemon Studio.

Román Váczy

Concept Artist


Román graduated from MOME in Hungary. Due to his wide range of interests he works on the areas of design,interior design, graphic design, storyboard, illustration, comics and animated movies as well.

He has worked as a concept artist, art director, character andconceptartist, background layout-cleanup artist and he has done everything in between.

He has been working on the animated projects of Cinemon Studio since 2016.

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