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Four Souls of Coyote on RTL

April 30th The Hungarian Film Day, this week in cinemas, streaming platforms and on TV, you can choose from a wide range of domestic movies.

Gauder Áron's latest project, Kojot négy lelke will debut with national TV premiere on RTL. The production of Cinemon Entertainment will now be broadcasted for the first time on the TV channel.

A website presenting the exceptionally rich history of domestic animation, the Hungarian animation, will be launched on the day of the Hungarian film. who is. The page, launched for the 110th anniversary of Hungarian Animation, presents the most interesting animation techniques, the work of the crews and legendary workshops with constantly expanding content aimed at the public and representatives of the profession. All nearly 100 classic animations offered by FILMIO will be shown for free during its memorial year.

since April 30, 2018 The Day of Hungarian Film, but for one week this year, domestic movies will play the main role: besides TV channels, cinemas and streaming services will celebrate our film culture on April 29 and May 5. in between. On this occasion, more than 100 Hungarian movies can be watched on 19 TV channels for 1 week.


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