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US theatrical release in the sping of 2024

Hungarian Oscar Entry ‘Four Souls Of Coyote’ Acquired U.S. rights by Juno Films. Premiering at the Annecy Animated Film Festival, where it won the Jury Award for Best Feature, the film is now poised for an extended festival run into the spring of 2024, when it will be released in theaters. Producer Reka Temple shares that “Four Souls of the Coyote is a film born of a desire to retell an ancient creation myth that does not place humans at the apex of creation. The Native American myth is a complex narrative warning that man is a fallible creature who has responsibility for other creatures too." Juno Films’ CEO, Elizabeth Sheldon: “The animated retelling of the Native American myth in a modern context makes the story relevant and accessible to audiences of all ages Cinemon Entertainment is thrilled to be working along with Juno Films to bring this special film to US audiences.


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